Export Business

Originally, our business ran only in Japan however now a day, there are lots of needs from abroad because lots of countries developing and lots of new building contractions. Therefore, we newer to start export business. Please contact us for more information.


Condition for Export

Incoterms EXW (Ex Work) FOB (Free on Boad)
MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) 1piece up One 40’Ft or 20’Ft container up
Place of Delivery Noda Material Center (our yard) Yokohama Seaport
Tokyo Seaport
Place of Loading Noda Material Center (our yard)
Accepted Payment Currency JPY (Japanese Yen)

USD (American Dollar)

Accepted Payment Type T/T 100% in advance

T/T 20% + L/C 80% (able to discuss after few times of trading)


20F’t Container

Scaffolding Frame A-2655 (W762xH1700) 300
Joint Pin A-20 600
Cross Bracing A-14 600
Walk Plank N-6 260
Jack Base A-752 150
Scaffolding Frame 4055A (W1219xH1700) 200
Joint Pin A-20 400
Cross Bracing A-14 400
Walk Plank N-6 160
Jack Base A-752 100


40F’t H/Q Container

Scaffolding Frame A-2655 (W762xH1700) 1100
Joint Pin A-20 2200
Cross Bracing A-14 1100
Scaffolding Frame 3055A (W914xH1700) 900
Joint Pin A-20 1800
Cross Bracing A-14 900
Walk Plank N-6 860
Cross Bracing A-14 1200
Scaffolding Stairs K-3055S 75

*Those datas are just for reference and it will be change case by case.


Visiting Our Yard

We prefer you to visiting our yard to see the materials by yourself to get more images and details. Your visiting is warm welcoming.

If you need to get visa for visiting us and pass some of the conditions, we can help for the documents also (charge some fee). However, we cannot sigin as a guarantor because we taking trainee staff from abroad and we must be care about that. Therefore, we are so sorry but we cannot help visa apprication for the person who belong to the nation which call for guarantee letter. Thank you for your understanding.

If some of your friends staying in Japan who can visiting us instead of you, that would be welcoming also.

We waiting for your visiting our yard!!